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Priscilla's Place Staff

Photo of Julie Duvall, CEO of Adult & Teen Challenge KY

Julie Duvall, CEO of Adult & Teen Challenge KY

Julie has been serving with Adult & Teen Challenge of Kentucky since starting as a residential staff member in 2003. In 2011, Julie was appointed by the Board of Directors as the CEO for Adult & Teen Challenge of Kentucky, overseeing both Priscilla’s Place and Chad’s Hope. Julie holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Central Bible College and is completing her Master of Divinity Degree at Global University. Julie is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God and is dedicated to bringing the message of hope to men and women trapped in addiction.


Emily Ahrens

Emily Ahrens, Executive Assistant of Adult & Teen Challenge KY

Emily is originally from Minnesota where she worked as a professional photographer with experience in administrative support, public relations, and marketing. In 2011, God brought Emily into a new life with a passion to reach out to those who are without hope and struggling in addiction. In April 2013, Emily responded to God’s call to be a part of His work at Adult & Teen Challenge. She joined the team as a Ministry Team Member at Priscilla’s Place and now serves as Executive Assistant in the Adult & Teen Challenge of KY Administrative Headquarters.



Lori Strause, Priscilla's Place Executive Director

Lori comes from the shores of Lake Erie in Northern Ohio. She has taught adult and children’s Sunday school and was a youth group advisor for over 7 years. She felt the call to ministry while living in Ohio then followed God’s leading when He directed her and her husband to Kentucky. The ministry of Adult & Teen Challenge has always had a special place in her heart and she is very thankful and amazed at how God has directed her to serve in this great ministry of putting lives and families back together. She is a Licensed Minister with the Assembly of God Fellowship. She served on the Priscilla’s Place Advisory Council for 5 years before joining the full-time staff. She loves watching the hand of God work in the ladies here at Priscilla’s Place.



Dani Stohr, Ministry Team Member

Dani joined our team in October 2017 as an intern from Louisiana Adult & Teen Challenge. She did her required 6-month internship here and graduated in March 2018. She has felt that this center is where God has called her to be. Dani was in a car accident and got hooked on pain pills which eventually led to her family finding her cold and lifeless on the ground. It is only by the grace of God that she survived. She walked into the doors of Teen Challenge and now her life will never be the same. God is restoring all the things that she lost and family members that she hadn’t spoken to in years. Dani wants to stay in the Teen Challenge ministry so that she can help people who are just as broken as she was.



Jennifer Rosenberger, Ministry Team Member

Jenn joined the team in April 2018. She grew up in Bakersfield, California. After battling a pill and alcohol addiction for 19 years, she entered Adult & Teen Challenge of Southern California in December of 2015. There she accepted the Lord into her heart. After graduating, she enrolled and completed a year at the Teen Challenge Ministry Institute in March of 2018. Jenn knows there is a call on her life to help and teach the Word of God to women with life controlling problems.



Anna Silloway, Ministry Team Member

Anna became part of the team in May 2018. She is from Waukesha, Wisconsin. She came into Adult & Teen Challenge of Southern California in 2015 broken, suicidal, addicted to heroin and crack and an atheist. It was there that God grabbed a hold of her and she never looked back. She felt the calling on her life to stay in ministry so she completed a 6-month apprenticeship at one of the centers and then went to the Teen Challenge Ministry Institute in Los Angeles, California for another year. There she was able to evangelize and help the broken hearted while taking ministry education courses. She knows that she has a calling on her life to help others who are broken just like she was.



Julianne Gibson, Intake & Outreach Coordinator

Julianne joined Priscilla’s Place in November 2018. She is from Orange County, California and has one son and 4 beautiful grandchildren. Julianne walked into the doors of Teen Challenge Los Angeles in 2015 and found her true self and a relationship with Jesus Christ. She graduated from Teen Challenge Southern California in 2016, completed an apprenticeship in Ventura, and graduated from the Teen Challenge Ministry Institute in 2018. Julianne always held sales positions, but this time, God is using her voice to reach out to lost and broken women. Today, she says she is, “full of life, full of gratefulness, and am truly blessed for my entire family who never gave up on me, like Jesus! Amen.”



Laura Morris, Ministry Team Member

Laura is originally from Atlanta, GA. She was an AMI Montessori teacher for over 20 years. She graduated from Adult & Teen Challenge in Southern California and there is where she accepted the undeserved grace of God. Laura believes she is called to bring women into the family of God by giving them hope and helping them build a new life on a firm foundation, which is Christ our Lord.



Joy McCallum, Part-Time Support Staff

Joy joined our team in January of 2019. Joy is originally from Chicago, IL. She has 5 beautiful children and a heart to serve the Lord. Joy has worked with mental/behavioral health teenagers for the last 14 years and hopes to bring some of her experience to help our ladies here at Priscilla’s Place. Currently, Joy is working on her Master’s in Family and Youth Ministry. Joy loves to make people smile and always hopes to bring a little joy to someone’s day.